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  Content Management
A content management system empowers you to manage, change and publish your website content effortlessly and instantly. You do not need any technical know-how or any software package. Changes are real-time and can be view and review right away. It saves you a sizable amount of time, cost and effort to keep your website up-to-date  

Glink is a specialist in web content management system. May it be managing news, press releases, events, promotions or even managing clientele listing, project portfolio or staff contact list, our experienced team has the right solutions for you

Content management for press releases, news and promotional deals
Content management for completed project portfolio and upcoming new projects
Content management for job openings including the capability to search for job
Content management for picture gallery with thumbnails and short write-ups
Content management for product specifications file library with download tracking
Almost no cost in maintaining an up-to-date website
Low content cost as there is no limit to amount of content
Improves productivity without need to coordinate with IT department or web vendor
Increases customer satisfaction with instant web content updates
Better user experience with website content searching capabilities
No need to have special technical know-hows to manage a website
Why Glink?
Glinks has custom-developed numerous content management system for our clients
Our content management systems are intuitive, user-friendly and easy to use
We assist you in customising the ideal management system for your business needs
Our technical team takes great pride in secure, reliable and robust programming
Glink Has Experience With
Multi-level security access for different management groups
Tracking content changes with detailed audit trails
Content searching capabilities across text, images, compress files and AV media
Developing multiple levels of content categorisation and management
Restricting content access to only specific user group
Content transformation and import to content management system before launching

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