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The benefits your company has doing the CPC cost per click search engine optimisation with Glink is you only pay on performance on a thirty day invoice giving your advertising budget flexibility. Glink first deliver the traffic to your website then at the end of each calendar month from when the pages were uploaded, you pay on performance. You will agree to set a cost per click price for each and every keyword depending on how competitive the keyword you have chosen for your CPC campaign. You can be sure that Glink are an internet marketing company that cannot be beaten on prices for cost per click CPC as Glink wants you to be satisfied with your returns and profits to keep your custom year after year.

You will have new web pages added to your website. It will be these pages designed by Glink that will be found in the listings on Google therefore your website will start receiving traffic that you would not have received should the new optimised pages not been added to your website for your CPC search engine optimisation campaign.

Your whole cost per click search engine optimisation campaign revolves around how much traffic each and every web page receives on a monthly basis. The web pages will be designed for the keywords you will want to be found under for your CPC search engine optimisation by us. It is important that we choose the keywords that are most successful to advertise your business for the search engine optimisation campaign to be a truly successful one. The web pages designed for your website design will automatically improve your internal linking structure which is one of the important factors contributing to the success of your CPC search engine optimisation campaign. The pages are especially optimised to be search engine friendly and most importantly designed with the same look and feel as your website for a clean presentation for successful cpc search engine optimisation by us.

Glink and their customers have one valuable thing in common and that is that we strive for the success of the web pages because if you do not receive any traffic throughout your search engine optimization campaign, Glink do not make any profits at all unless there is success for the client. With the cost per click CPC search engine optimisation you pay only a small fee (setup charge dependant on industry - please call for quotes) to set your account up. You get fifty designed web pages which Glink invest for your website along with all the other benefits such as SEO account management for twelve months, ranking reports, stat counter, internal and backward linking etc to get the best out of your search engine optimization by us. This proves that Glink have faith in their search engine optimisation skills and want to offer the customer a product like never offered before - Pay on performance only search engine optimization and improve the quality of your website at the same time!

Your account manager will be keeping in correspondence with you at least every four to six weeks throughout your search engine optimisation campaign as we want you to be fully aware of the progress of your search engine optimization strategy and how committed Glink are in ensuring that your search engine optimisation campaign is a successful one.

NB - All search engine optimisation packages will be treated with exactly the same enthusiasm to ensure that each Google SEO online marketing strategy is a successful one.

If you choose a 'paying up front' search engine optimisation campaign it certainly does not mean that Glink have now received the cash from the customer for twelve months that we focus on the other ongoing campaigns such as the cost per click and the Pay On Page Placement search engine optimisation packages.

Many companies advertising online have been 'stung' by internet companies taking cash for online advertising whether it be banners, sponsored links etc and lead customers into a false illusion of success. Glink wants to keep your custom year after year that is why we offer to first deliver the cpc search engine optimization product then you can pay for it. Your success is our success.

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