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  E-Cards and E-newsletter Design
An e-newsletter maintains an ongoing relationship between your target audience and your organsiation. It improves customer retention rate, increases sales and builds a loyal customer base, which is one of the foundations of a successful business

Glink can help you with email-based or website-based e-newsletter. Your e-newsletter can be personalised to cater to your customers' individual needs. You can even have a content managed e-newsletter section for your website with past issues to create an archive library; a compelling reason for your customers to return to your website.


Sales oriented e-newsletter with latest promotions, special offers and new stocks
Event oriented e-newsletter with list of upcoming events and details of the events
Value oriented e-newsletter with useful articles, tips and tricks, etc
News oriented e-newsletter with newsbite, recent activities and upcoming events
Product oriented e-newsletter with reviews, updates, enhancements, etc
Maintains an ongoing and lasting relationship with your audience
Creates regular opportunities for you to reach out to the market
Improves customer retention rate and builds customer loyalty
Increases regular sales or targetted seasonal / promotional sales
Why Glink?
Glink is able to deliver your e-newsletter through both websites and emails
We can personalise your e-newsletter to cater to different needs of your customers
Our team can give you real-time reporting on e-newsletter read-status
We handle from simple text-based e-newsletter to interactive Flash e-newsletter

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