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  Extranet Application
An extranet of your organization empowers your employees, customers and partners to have seamless connectivity in information exchange over regular Internet.

Whether it is a process-specific extranet to streamline, manage and monitor business tasks and workflows with partners, or a content-specific extranet to combine and distribute specific information to customers, you can delegate Glink with the extranet development.

Our committed team will perform onsite assessments of your current situation, and give professional business and technical consultation to your team. We will support your entire extranet development cycle including design, implementation, production and maintenance
Resellers extranet with detailed product info, technical specs and reseller pricings
Customer support extranet with troubleshooting FAQ / articles and patches download
Partners extranet with sales submission, success stories and reward redemptions
Company extranet to combine regional distributed business operations into an intranet
Customer loyalty extranet with reward points earning and gift redemption programmes
Customer project extranet with project status logging, tracking and reporting
Automates and streamlines complex business processes, tasks and workflows
Improves business performance with real-time reporting and alerts
Improves and tracks business approval and decision workflows
Increases employee productivity through rapid access to relevant information
Reduces cost of information and knowledge dissemination with self-service tools
Why Glink?
We have successfully implemented a number of extranet projects for SMEs
Our team are knowledgeable with both content-specific and process-specific extranets
We offer business & technical best practices tips based on our in-depth experiences
Strong domain knowledge in building robust and reliable e-business IT infrastructures
Glink Has Experience With
Complex multi-level security access for different user groups
Easy upload and import of tabulated data using intelligent MS Excel spreadsheets
Generation of specially formatted pre-filled documents for immediate hardcopy printing
Detailed audit logging / tracking of user activities and/or order history
User customisable reporting and charting with MS Excel spreadsheet export
Real-time inventory management, reporting and automatic alert
Process approval with auditing across multiple user groups

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