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  Intranet Application
An intranet within your organisation or your department empowers your team to seamlessly exchange information through a centralised location.  
Whether it is a content-specific intranet to consolidate and share specific information, or a process-specific intranet to streamline, control and report on complex business processes and workflows, you can entrust the intranet development to Glink.

Our dedicated team will conduct assessments and provide professional business and technical consultation to your team to establish the best solution to your challenges. From design to implementation, production and maintenance, Glink supports all aspects of your intranet development requirements.

Sales intranet with product info, case studies and market competitive comparisons
Human resource intranet with staff benefit info, leave applications and approval
Info tech intranet with IT troubleshooting FAQ and helpdesk support ticket tracking
HR training intranet with interactive e-learning tools and online assessments
Purchasing intranet with vendor particulars database and PR application and approval
HR appraisal intranet with 360° employee appraisals and skill gap analysis and
Increases productivity through rapid access to specific content information
Reduces IT costs with centralised information storage
Reduces cost of information and knowledge delivery with self-service tools
Automates and streamlines complex business processes, tasks and workflows
Improves business performance with real-time reporting and alerts
Improves and tracks business approval and decision workflows
Why Glink?
Glink has successfully launched a number of intranet projects for large MNCs
We are experienced with both content-specific and process-specific intranets
Draw upon our experiences in enabling other companies, what succeeds and
what not
Strong knowledge in the design and setup of robust system and network
Glink Has Experience With
Different user authetication methods including auto-login using NT domain user name
Complex multi-level security access for different user groups
Generation of specially formatted pre-filled forms for immediate hardcopy printing
Approval process across multiple user groups and countries
User customisable reporting and charting with MS Excel spreadsheet export
Migration and integration of existing legacy databases

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