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  Web / Email Hosting
Web and email hosting provide server space on the Internet for your website and email messages storage. Hosting can span from simple virtual server hosting to dedicated server hosting and co-location server hosting.
Glink has forged strategic partnerships and alliances with reputable hosting companies to provide affordable and reliable web and email hosting for our clients. We are able to help you scale rapidly from entry-level shared virtual server to your own high-end rack-mountable data centre servers.

If you are facing unpredictable or regular downtime of your website or email services from your current hosting company, it is time to find a proper provider. Extreme low cost hosting is often a red flag of a catastrophe waiting to unfold. Just as unethical hosting providers that quietly register the ownership of your web domain as theirs.

Your information and intellectual property are vital and costly to replace. You should enjoy quality and trustworthy computing like our clients.
Glink Has Experience With
Entry-level web and email hosting for standard websites
Dedicated and co-location server hosting at well-known data centres
Acquisition of branded new and refurbished server hardware and peripherals
Purchase of branded new and refurbished high-end network routers and switches
Installation and configuration of web, application and database servers
Regular web and database backup at off-site location for disaster recovery
Database replication between different servers for fault-tolerance

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